To sum up what we need to integrate a site, is

  • The design of pages used in the site
  • The design of blocks used in the site

Design of the pages

At minimum we need the template of 2 pages

  • the home page : go to it
    • you can provide a free design (with mandatory zone / function  : footer, other ceva sites witcher, (+ language switcher and professional zone if needed)
    • don't forget that the text displayed in the menu, submenu (...) can be more or less long (you would design menu with short and long title for example)
  • a standard content page : go to it
    • This page must be designed with the existing content in this site, to be sure we have all CSS ans way for displaying media
    • + its environment (header, column with submenu, breadcrumb , site switcher, ..), to have the page into its environment

Depending on each site we can have also

By the way, we can created these pages from the design of the standard page

Go to all other existing pages

Design of the blocks

Depending the blocks decided for the site you have to design

  • each of ones used in the home page
  • each of one used in a column of a content page. At minimum the 2 main used blocks:
    • the block "menu"
      • Title
      • Image
      • Text

Go to the page with blocks