Immucox® 5

Immucox® 5 is a Live oral coccidiosis vaccine that contains sporulated oocysts of  :

  • Eimeria acervulina
  • Eimeria maxima
  • Eimeria tenella
  • Eimeria necatrix
  • Eimeria brunetti

Immucox® 5 is designed to help healthy chicken breeders, egg layers and long living broilers, to develop immunity against coccidiosis. This single day-old vaccination delivers protective immunity through the productive life of the bird and is approved for administration at the hatchery or barn.


Advantages of Vaccination with Immucox® 5

  • Effective vaccination against coccidiosis caused by the 5 Eimeria  species economically important to chicken breeders, egg layers and long living broilers 
  • Designed to induce strong Immunity with minimal intestinal
  • Gel droplet application keeps oocysts in suspension during application, preventing sedimentation of oocysts and facilitating a uniform vaccine uptake of all the species included in the vaccine
  • Offers a natural and cost-effective alternative to anticoccidials