Gel Droplet Application

Gel Droplet Application

Immucox® vaccines are applied using a patented gel droplet application technology. 

The gel droplet application method involves mixing the vaccine into a specific diluent, supplied with the vaccine, to form gel droplets that stick to the day-old chicks’ down when applied. Making use of chicks’ natural behavior to peck, the gel droplets are preened off within minutes by the chicks and the oocysts suspended in the gel droplets are ingested.


There are a number of advantages to using the gel droplet application over using only water as a carrier.

The gel diluent keeps the oocysts in suspension in the vaccine container during the application process.

The gel droplets offers the greatest probability that all the coccidian species will be equally distributed during application. 

The gel droplets does not "wet" the birds during the application process, preventing post-vaccination chilling and unnecessary stress, as can be seen by these infra-red images, taken before and after the application of conventional cocci spray vaccine vs gel droplet application. 


Infrared Images courtesy of Canadian Poultry Consultants, 2013.